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David Letterman: top 10 quotes

“I think the longer we just sit here, the more uncomfortable it will make Jay”Letterman after sharing an awkward silence with Conan O’Brien following the fellow talkshow host’s mixup with Jay Leno in 2012.“You’re going to be sick for weeks. You won’t be out of...

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Brexit provokes strange alliances

Brexit has thrown up extraordinary, unlikely, friends and enemies.Deploying what he hopes is one of his strongest cards, David Cameron insists Britain must remain a member of the EU in the interests of its national security.So does Theresa May, the home secretary. We can assume...

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Antibiotics overprescribed in ERs?

Emergency room physicians tend to overprescribe antibiotics for patients suffering from viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, according to a study published in a recent issue of the Annals of Emergency Medicine by a USC researcher and her colleagues at LAC+USC Medical Center. Susan...

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What does the first world war mean to you?

David Cameron has announced that £50m will be set aside for the centenary of the first world war, to go towards a commemoration that will “capture our national spirit in every corner of the country, something that says something about who we are as a...

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