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Regional Command North hosts female shura

CAMP MARMAL, Afghanistan – “Every shura brings us closer together,” Regional Command North’s commander Maj. Gen. Erich Pfeffer said as he welcomed the female representatives from the northern region of Afghanistan here for the female shura March 28.
“You represent the past, present and future of Afghanistan and this shura will bring the country closer to peace,” the German army general added.
The previous shura, held Dec. 14, focused mainly on development programs. This meeting revisits the issue with the attendees proposing ideas to improve the overall quality of life. The Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program continues to be the main focus of the female shura.
The Peace and Reintegration Program is developed to provide a process to insurgents to peacefully return to their villages and become an active part of rebuilding Afghanistan.
In attendance were prominent female leaders, including civic leaders, Afghan security forces personnel and provincial leaders of all nine provinces making up the northern region. A distinguished guest, Afghan Brig. Gen. Khatool Mohammadzai, the first female in the Afghan National Army to achieve the general rank, displayed her sincere appreciation to be in among the significant women in the meeting.
“I am very happy to be here and it is a great honor to share this room with women working for the peace process,” Mohammadzai said. “It is also inspiring to visit with the women in the security forces of Afghanistan.”
The shura also served as a capstone event for the Female Engagement Team training program held earlier this week here. The engagement program assists female International Security Assistance Force soldiers to properly interact with Afghan women, keeping with the cultural norms of the nation.

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