Why is Abu Qatada not on trial?

Much of the media, with no shortage of encouragement from Tory MPs eager to use the case to bash the European court of human rights, seem to be engaged in a feeding frenzy over Abu Qatada. As the government pursues its desperate attempt to deport...

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300th MI Brigade

COBAN, Guatemala – Utah National Guard members from the 300th Military Intelligence Brigade are deployed as linguists in support of Beyond the Horizon Guatemala 2012 and are bridging the communication gulf between U.S. military personnel and the host nation’s military and citizens.BTH operations in Guatemala...

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Greek crisis: the blood-letting goes on

Another day, another day of mayhem in the financial markets. Shares across Europe are taking a thumping, the euro is again under severe downward pressure on the foreign exchanges, investors are once again fleeing to the safe havens of gold and the dollar. The economic...

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