MASS-1 updates aviation command, control system

CHERRY POINT, N.C. – Communications between warfighters on the ground and the wing Marines who support them just got better thanks to a upgrade to Marine Air Support Squadron 1’s Common Aviation Command and Control System earlier this month.“Previously, the equipment that individual units used...

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The Guardian view on Sweden and immigration: breaking point

Swedish democracy works very well providing the voters don’t disagree. But ever since the last general election handed the nationalist Sweden Democrat party the balance of power, Swedish politics have been riven by substantive disagreement.The Sweden Democrats are a genuinely reactionary party. They want their...

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Joy for mother of conjoined twins

The Bangladeshi mother who gave up her conjoined twins for adoption said she was overjoyed they had been separated and wants them to grow up in Australia.“My babies are alive and doing well. It’s the best news I’ve ever got in my life,” Lovely Mollick...

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Why is Abu Qatada not on trial?

Much of the media, with no shortage of encouragement from Tory MPs eager to use the case to bash the European court of human rights, seem to be engaged in a feeding frenzy over Abu Qatada. As the government pursues its desperate attempt to deport...

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